Automotive Consultancy

A decade of experience

Redspy has huge experience in consulting to the car industry, especially in the fields of segment and model forecasting. Jay Nagley, the MD of Redspy, has worked on projects for many major car companies including:

  • Hyundai (UK)
  • Volvo (Sweden)
  • Volvo (UK)
  • Citroen (UK)
  • Audi (UK)
  • Skoda (UK)

The combination of our unique data systems with years of consulting experience enables Redspy to offer analysis and forecasting based on rigorous analysis and detailed insight into the factors at work in the UK car industry. Naturally client-specific work must remain confidential, but Jay's columns in the press give a flavour of Redspy's abilities. Examples of these articles can be found in Redspy in the Media together with extracts from his regular TV appearances.


Redspy undertakes short, medium and long term forecasting at all levels of aggregation:

  • Total Industry
  • Segment
  • Manufacturer
  • Model

Product Positioning

Redspy has been used by manufacturers to help determine the correct positioning for new models and also to explain the positioning to dealers. Redspy has made a number of presentations at dealer launches, providing an objective overview of the new model and its place in the prevailing market.

Redspy is also used by agencies who are pitching for business from car manufacturers. We are regularly asked to help identify the key issues facing both manufacturers and specific models, in order that agencies can deepen their understanding.

Automotive Consultancy