CO2 Forecasting

The trusted source of CO2 information

Through its collaboration with, Redspy was the first consultancy to provide sales-weighted CO2 data for all the car companies in the UK. This data is now regularly quoted by the manufacturers when they are discussing CO2 performance - Ford, BMW, Mini and Toyota all quote our data in their public statements on this issue.

Our data is extremely accurate - at an industry level it agrees with the official SMMT data but, unlike the SMMT, it goes right down to segment, manufacturer and model level.


As a logical extension from historical analysis, Redspy has developed a unique forecasting system which enables car manufacturers to calculate their future CO2 average and therefore any fines they may be liable for.

The system includes the ability to vary:

  • Model mix
  • Engine mix
  • Transmission mix
  • Body style mix

The basic concept is that the manufacturer can input different future product mixes and calculate what effect they would have on their sales weighted CO2 figure, and therefore what liability they would have for EU fines.

CO2 Analysis