Registration Data

RegData - Facts from Figures

RegData provides management analysis, not simply detailed data. It is one thing to establish what proportion of Vauxhall Astras sold last year were diesels, but it is quite another to relate that to wider issues; for example, the long term trend of diesel sales in the lower medium segment or the average price premium of diesel engines.

In other systems, more than one analysis frequently has to be undertaken because they show data in one format at a time. RegData is unique in having the flexibility to look at data in different ways within the same analysis. This flexibility enables the user to undertake strategic market analysis more quickly and more effectively.

This focus on strategy as well as detail means that Regdata can show very sophisticated analyses. Examples of these include the "decay" of a vehicle in terms of how quickly it loses market share as it ages, or how the seasonality of registrations varies from model to model.


Management Reports

Building on the foundation provided by RegData, Redspy produces extremely sophisticated reports on both a regular and ad-hoc basis. A number of car companies rely on us to produce their standard monthly reporting suites as well as ad-hoc reports to support particular projects.

We are also used by other consultancies and analysts to provide the extremely detailed data which they lack. Redspy information is more widely used than is sometimes thought; although the report may not say Redspy on the cover, it may still be Redspy data inside.